Pay Attention to What’s Going on Behind the Curtain!

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If you have ever been to an awesome concert, play, musical, etc., it is often the players/actors on the stage that get the accolades.

It makes sense though because that is what you see. That is usually what grabs your primary attention and is what you experience.

It’s why you go to the show.

Even with a great light show, it’s the lights that have your attention.

However, without all the “behind the scenes” stuff working at 100%, it won’t matter how good the actors are, how good the band is, or how high tech the lighting system is, the show will still suffer. 

A horrible soundman can really kill a concert (I know, been there, done that). A light guy/girl who doesn’t know what they are doing, can make a lighting presentation so bad to really distract from all the other awesome things going on stage.

Without everything behind the stage operating and full and excellent capacity, the show doesn’t go on. At least not in the way it should and could.

It’s like that with playing guitar.

Your fingers are where the magic happens. It’s where the melodies are made. It’s where the notes are picked or strummed.

It’s what the audience sees and can really be wowed over. They are the actors.

But there are behind the scenes things we need to be aware of or else we simply won’t play good.

For us guitarists, we need to be aware of how our wrists are positioned, where our thumb is set, how relaxed our elbow and arm is. We need to be sure we aren’t engaged in too much “body english” or having our guitar drift away from us while playing.

You see, all of that behind the scenes stuff mattersA lot.

Do a self check and see how you are doing. Video and/or pictures help. Be critical of how you are playing guitar.

Here is a short video where I go over this stuff while showing how to play the chromatic scale. It’s an older video and was mostly about how to play the scale. But I think that you should also watch it for some of the “behind the scenes” stuff you need to be aware of on guitar.

Click the link:

Behind the Scenes on the Chromatic Scale on Guitar

I hope it helps you be a better player!

Plus, if you want to take your playing to the next step and get those fingers in excellent shape, check out my full free course here: Guitar Finger Gymnastics

Rock On,

Tony G.

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