Six String Corner is a place devoted to all things guitar for those of you who are just starting out. And yes, it’s also for all of you dreamers that always wanted to try it but never thought you could do it. Been playing a while but need to brush up on something? Well, this site will be for you too.

I believe that everyone has the ability to play the guitar. Of course not everyone will be the latest, greatest player. Not everyone will be an NBA star either. However, just like anyone can learn to throw a basket through a hoop (and maybe even play a game with friends), anyone can, and should, be able pick up a six string guitar and play a song or two they like (and maybe even jam with friends). All you need is desire and direction.

Here at Six String Corner, I am going to be devoted to helping all of you get to the point where you can play the guitar and enjoy the experience.

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