My toothpick saved my guitar

It’s amazing how some of the smallest things can have an impact on the bigger things

I also learned a little more about resourcefulness

The strap post on my Fender Stratocaster broke. That isn’t good when you need to put the strap on in order to play!

One day this will happen to you. Just wait….

The strap post was actually a strap lock. It literally locks the strap in place on your guitar.

For a small investment, you should look into locks for your electric guitars – and even some of the acoustic guitars (just be aware of the acoustics that have the cord plug in where you put the strap, it doesn’t work for those models). I can’t tell you how many times the strap finds its way off the strap post at the most inopportune times (like a gig….)

So, lucky you! I have a real short video to show you how it is done with a toothpick (thanks to my friend Greg who alerted me to what I found out was an old tried and true trick!)

Yes folks, a toothpick.

You have to see this to believe it

Watch this, and bookmark it for when it happens to you :-)…

Guitar Saved by a Toothpick

Rock On,

Tony G.

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