“BLAH, BLAH, BLAH..” – Alex Lifeson (Rock n Roll Hall of Fame speech)

“This amp goes to 11…” – Nigel in Spinal Tap

This week here let’s do something for fun!

Boulevard of Broken Dreams by Green Day is a GREAT song to work on basic strumming techniques, chord transitions, and how to have fun playing a song!

Pay special attention to technique! Watch how both hands are positioned, how my thumb and wrist are used on each hand.

When strumming, remember that you also use your right wrist. I often think of it this way: the wrist leads the arm, not the other way around.

Use a light (i.e., thinner) pick to help with the strumming. I use a Dunlop .6mm pick. You could also use something like Fender Thin picks. It isn’t paper thin but flexible enough to sweep across the strings while strumming.

While I’m at it, when sweeping the pick across the strings while strumming, slightly twist the pick in a clockwise direction so that the edgeof the pick sweeps across the strings rather than the flat part of the pick. It’s much easier and effective that way.

Get the TAB here: http://sixstringcorner.com/boulevard-of-broken-dreams-tab/

Rock On,

Tony G.

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