A Couple Fun Songs to Play

“Music expresses that which cannot be put into words.” — Victor Hugo

“All the good music has already been written by people with wigs and stuff.” — Frank Zappa

“I’ve been imitated so well I’ve heard people copy my mistakes.” — Jimi Hendrix

Here are a couple of fun songs to play.

Working Man (Rush)

Believe it or not, there are some Rush songs that you don’t need a music degree from Berkeley to play! 🙂

Rush has been my favorite band since I was a kid.

I even play in a Rush tribute band in the Chicago area (Animation a Tribute to Rush – check it out: https://atributetorush.com/)

However, I can tell you that some songs aren’t really out of reach for many of you.

Working Man is one of them.

In fact, there are a number of my beginning students that actually are making great progress with this song (even on acoustic guitar!).

And, even if Rush isn’t your main band, you can still learn a lot by figuring out how to play this song.

Here ya go!

Working Man

Here’s the TAB that contains the main parts: Working Man TAB

Day Tripper

Beatles songs are timeless. It seems that every generation at least knows about their songs (seen the movie Yesterday yet? Go see it!)

So, it is always a good idea to have some Beatles songs in your back pocket to play.

Here is a video on how to play the main riff to the song Day Tripper.

Here is the TAB to the lick: Day Tripper TAB

I hope this helps make you more successful in your playing!Have fun!

Rock on until the next time!

RUSH | Anarchist Guitar Cover

Want a Solution to Fitting in Guitar Practice Time?

No time to practice?

Can’t fit practice time in to your schedule?

I have been reading an awesome book called Atomic Habits: An Easy & Proven Way to Build Good Habits & Break Bad Ones by James Clear that has been an eye opener to me.

Four Minute Books sums it up best:

Atomic Habits is the definitive guide to break bad behaviors and adopt good ones in four steps, showing you how small, incremental, everyday routines compound and add up to massive, positive change over time.

Four Minute has a great summary that you should read. One of the things they say is this:

“…3 lessons to help you use everything he’s learned to break bad habits and form good ones:

  1. Every time we perform a habit, we execute a four-step pattern: cue, craving, response, reward.
  2. If we want to form new habits, we should make them obvious, attractive, easy, and satisfying.
  3. You can use a habit tracker as a fun way to measure your progress and make sure you don’t fall off the wagon.”

I want to address #2: making a new habit obviouseasy, and satisfying.

How we set up our environment has a tremendous effect on the habits we make.

For example: what if I wanted to make a routine of eating an apple a day to make more healthy choices in snacking. I wouldn’t store them all the way back in the fridge. We wouldn’t see them all the time and most likely those apples would go bad. (Out of sight, out of mind. I have experience here…). The habit is never created.

However, what if instead, I set the apples in a bowl on the table in my kitchen. I would see them all the time and have a much better chance at achieving my goal of eating an apple a day. Why? Because it’s obvious(right there out in the open), easy (I simply have to reach down and pick up the apple which is in plain sight), and satisfying (it tastes good and I feel like I made a more healthy choice of a snack).

Now translate to guitar.

Where is your guitar right now?

If it is stored away in the closet, under the bed, in the corner of a room you don’t go in all the time, your chances are far less that you will pick it up to play and/or practice.

However, if you left it out in the open where you see it all the time: say on a stand in the living room or in a case right in front of the tv. Your chances of picking it up are much greater.

This is especially true if you have very limited time: If it is in the open, you can easily pick it up for just 5 minutes and jam or practice.

So make it obviouseasy, and ultimately satisfying with regards to where your guitar is so that you can grab it and do something on it like practice or even do a simple exercise.

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Here is the path to arrive there:

6 String Corner

The Amazing Spider Dude on Guitar

The Amazing Spider Dude on Guitar

“My music is best understood by children and animals.” – Igor Stravinsky

“I’m sick to death of people saying we’ve made 11 albums that sound exactly the same. In fact, we’ve made 12 albums that sound exactly the same.” ― Angus Young (AC/DC)

“All the good music has already been written by people with wigs and stuff.” ― Frank Zappa

How has 2019 been going so far?

Reached any goals since New Year’s Day yet?

It’s never too late to set them, even in March!

I dislike the term “New Year’s Resolution”. It seems we never follow through with them.

However, we always want to set a goal, no matter what time of year.

What is yours on guitar? Do you have one?

I tell you what, setting one, even something small, can be so motivating. And it will definitely make you a better player.

You want to be a better player? Set a goal.

Here’s some ideas:

How about that song you always want to play? (Caution, find something that doesn’t sound so ridiculously out of your abilities. For example, if you have been playing for only 6-12 months, maybe Cliffs of Dover is a little out of reach…)

Maybe a technique that would be cool to master. Something like getting those hammer-ons and/or pull-offs to sound good.

Perhaps it is a song where you can master getting chord changes to sound right?

Maybe you want to take that first crack at learning an actual guitar solo. For example, I decided way back when, that I was going to tackle my first solo: it was Rush’s Fly By Night. It sounded within range of my abilities but just enough to stretch me beyond where I was at that time.

Try tackling a new scale to play.

Whatever it is, find it and try to set a time frame: maybe it is a week, or a month, etc. Work towards it. Didn’t make it? Reset it! That kind of stuff happens all the time!

This year, hopefully I can continue to offer you a number of tips, exercises, songs, etc. to help you get to whatever goals you want to reach.

Just for fun, here is my tribute to Marvel Comics and the late, great Stan Lee: The Amazing Spider–Dude – Into the Guitar-Verse

Superhero guitars are cool! Stick around for the very end!

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