“Singing in the shower is all fun and games until you get shampoo in your mouth, then it just becomes a soap opera” – from a random meme

“I can’t listen to that much Wagner, I start getting the urge to conquer Poland” – Woody Allen

Without music car rides would really be awkward…” – from another random meme

Wanna play your chords better? Have them sound clearer without no “buzzy” sounds on some of the notes?

Or how about playing a melody that needs a little more “stretch from your fingers?

I see this a lot and often it is because the fingers are scrunched too close together. The fingers are then at the wrong place on the fret.

When you play a note on any given fret, you need to place the finger as close to, but not on, the fretwire towards the bridge (where you pick or strum). When you press the note too close to the fretwire on the nut side (where the tuning pegs are), the notes have more buzz and don’t sound clear.



Not so Good…

So, when you play a C chord, for example, you need to have enough space between your fingers so that you can get each note sounding clear and concise.

I see this problem a lot when people are trying to play barre chords too.

So, here is a simple exercise to help work on stretching those fingers. It’s from my free Guitar Finger Gymnastics course.

Be sure to warm up first! Practice some things like the chromatic scale, a major/minor/pentatonic scale, or a lick from a song or solo before you tackle any stretching exercise!

Give it a try and good luck!

You can click the link to the full course here: Guitar Finger Gymnastics

Guitar Finger Gymnastics


  • A simple exercise to warm up the fingers. A must for every guitar player!
  • Exercises to improve finger coordination and dexterity. Train the fingers to do what you want them to do on the guitar!
  • You will learn steps to take to stretch the fingers. Helps to form the chords and make them sound better!

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