Morgan AC20 Kemper Profile Review

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In this video is my review of the Morgan AC20 Kemper Profile. I found it on selahsounds.com where there are a number of pretty slick profiles to choose from. The actual name of the profile on their site (since you can’t use the actual brand name) is ‘Logan AC 20’. Specifically, I choose the one labeled ‘A6’.

I never used this amp before in all my years of playing. It seems to me that it would work particularly well for guitarists playing country or worship style music. However, I think that it could handle a variety of other music styles. It almost rivals my favorite boutique-style amp, the Vox Night Train which I reviewed here. It really is a nice gem to check out!

The Morgan AC20 Kemper Profile works great for anyone looking for a nice boutique amp sound. And, despite the size of the actual amp, it does provide quite a punch! When you watch and listen to the video, you will discover a variety of sounds that make this an amp to definitely check out.

My favorite sound from this amp is the tremendous crunch you can get out of it. I particularly like it when I combine it with a drive pedal like the Timmy. I love the raw crunch feel it has.

But, as you will also hear from the video, it can settle down to some nice clean tones. Sweet!

A couple of other notes about the Morgan AC20 Kemper Profile that I should mention:

If you are interested in the actual amp that they profile, I believe this is the one used (or at least something similar to it):

The profile I used had 12AX7 tubes for the preamp section.

They have profiles for either single coil or humbucker pickups. Personally, I like using the amp with my semi-hollow body style guitars.

If you haven’t already, give this amp a try on your Kemper. If boutique amps are your thing, you won’t want to miss this one!

Rock on,

Tony G.

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