How to Deal with One of the Major Struggles on Guitar

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So, recently I posted a question on several social media groups for guitar and came up with some interesting answers.

What was the question you ask?

It was this:

“What is the #1 thing you struggle with on guitar?”

And wow, there were some struggles! Many of them I can relate to…

My guess is you do too.

Do you want to guess what was the #1 struggle?

Several hundred comments collectively came my way and it took some time to gather them all.

Here was the top struggle:


Yeah, that was it. How about you?

See, I think that no matter where you are in your playing journey, you will encounter some kind of strumming issue. And yes, that includes you more advanced players!

It could be anything from trying to get a simple downstrum technique right to some complicated, off time, rhythmic strumming piece of music.

But everyone had one thing in common: they just wanted to get it right.

I have taught many people at all levels of experience and ability.

I am here to tell you that no matter where you are in your playing: you can overcome whatever your are struggling with in your strumming and achieve some awesome results!


Most of us simply need some kind of direction. Then, we need a plan of action.

I suppose you can do it on your own. I know I did a long time ago and it took a long time to get it right.

Most of us need someone to help direct us whether that be from a video, a course, or a teacher.

I would encourage you to find someone or someplace to help you with that. It will make your journey so much easier and fun!

Get a lesson or grab a course or find a cool guy on You Tube that knows what he is doing and stick with it.

And then Practice! There is no substitute for that.

For many of you beginners, there is this cool guy on You Tube that has some videos to help with your strumming (you KNEW this was coming, ha!).

This is one of my favorites to teach beginners: Night Moves by Bob Seger. But seriously, if that isn’t your song, just go to the Playlist: Easy Acoustic Guitar Strumming Songs and find something to work on. It will make your life better!

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