Best Rush Songs on Guitar: Top 10

Best Rush Songs on Guitar: Top 10

Here are the 10 Best Rush Songs on Guitar that Alex Lifeson did in Rush. At least they are to me.

What do you think?

There are so many to choose from, this is really a hard list to agree on. So this is just for fun. Just like I did with Closer to the Heart by the pool.

FYI: I do play in a Rush Tribute Band in the Chicago Area: Animation A Tribute to Rush.

I understand we might be one of the longest running Rush tributes on the planet. At least, that’s what I hear. The band has been together since it’s first gig back in 1987. It has gone through several different members (none of the originals are in the band now). But the music is still going strong!

Anyway, I thought it would be fun to put this one together.

I was also messing around with camera angles with my iPhone X. If I do this again I’ll use my amp sound..nothing like tube amps!

My band website: https://atributetorush.com/

Crash by Dave Matthews

Crash by Dave Matthews

Guitar in the Gazebo

Here’s one that will “stretch” your playing. Or rather, “un-stretch” your playing. Some time ago, I made a video for a student on how to play Crash by Dave Matthews. If you have ever watched Dave play it, he does it with a real BIG stretch to the fingers! However, I found a way to play it without the stretch.

You do need a cut capo for this version. They are very inexpensive and you can purchase one at any guitar store or just buy online. And, they are so fun to play with! Seriously, get one and have your world enlightened!

Anyway, by using the cut capo, the song becomes much easier to play! Here is a video I made, about a year ago, showing you how to play the song:


Get the TAB: Crash TAB