20 Essential Classic Rock

Guitar Licks

You Should Know!

Learn the Licks to Some of Your Favorite Classic Rock Songs!

An All In One FREE TAB Package

A package of TABs of some of the most memorable guitar licks from bands like The Beatles, Rolling Stones, Rush, and more!

Why search all over the internet to find TAB's to some great guitar licks? Here it is all in one!

While this collection is mostly for beginners and intermediate players, it's something that anyone can use.

As a special bonus, included for each song are some cool fun facts about each song that you might not have known about!

This is only Volume 1, stay tuned for Volume 2...

20 Essential Classic Rock Licks You Should Know!


  • 20 single note TABs of great songs from the classic rock era by bands like The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, Rolling Stones, and more!
  • Cool "did you know" song facts before each song
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